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photo by ESL

IEM Oakland schedule released

Grzegorz Łatka | 15 listopada 2016, 14:55

Intel Extreme Masters Oakland is ready to start tomorrow and we are finally familiar with schedule of both CS:GO and League of Legends tournament. The first of them will kick off on November 16, while the second is set to start on November 19. IEM Oakland will offer a $400 000 prize pool.

CS:GO Schedule

November 16-17 (Wednesday-Thursday)
19:30 Natus Vincere vs Team Liquid Immortals vs TyLoo
20:45 Astralis vs G2 Esports Natus Vincere vs TyLoo
22:00 Immortals vs G2 Esports Astralis vs Team Liquid
23:15 Natus Vincere vs Astralis TyLoo vs G2 Esports
00:30 Immortals vs Team Liquid Natus Vincere vs G2 Esports
1:45 TyLoo vs Team Liquid Immortals vs Astralis
3:00 Natus Vincere vs Immortals Astralis vs TyLoo Team Liquid vs G2 Esports
4:10 tiebreakers
November 17-18 (Thursday-Friday)
19:30 Heroic vs SK Gaming Cloud9 vs FaZe Clan
20:45 mousesports vs NiP Heroic vs FaZe Clan
22:00 Cloud9 vs NiP mousesports vs SK Gaming
23:15 FaZe Clan vs NiP Heroic vs mousesports
00:30 Cloud9 vs SK Gaming Heroic vs NiP
1:45 Cloud9 vs mousesports FaZe Clan vs SK Gaming
3:00 SK Gaming vs NiP mousesports vs FaZe Clan Heroic vs Cloud9
4:10 tiebreakers
November 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday)
19:45 Quarterfinal #1
00:35 Quarterfinal #2
3:20 showmatch – CLG Red vs Team Secret
November  20-21 (Sunday-Monday)
19:00 Semifinal #1
23:50 Semifinal #2
3:00 Grand Final

LoL Schedule

November 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday)
19:45 Quarterfinal #1
23:15 Quarterfinal #1
2:45 Showmatch
November 20-21 (Sunday-Monday)
19:00 Semifinal #1
22:30 Semifinal #1
2:00 Grand Final

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