photo by Legia Warsaw
photo by Legia Warsaw

sroka: thanks to football clubs FIFA will grow rapidly

Łukasz Twardowski | 5 listopada 2016, 14:03

Just before the opening ceremony of MODECOM Legia eSports Cup 2016 we’ve talked with the player of Legia Warsaw, Michał „sroka” Srokosz.

Can u talk a little about circumstances of joining Legia Warsaw? How did it begin?

I’ve been contacted by the owners and after short consideration I’ve decided to sign the contract. I wanted to become a professional player and joining Legia was the only way to do it. It’s kind of fullfilment of my dreams since being a player is a really nice feeling.

Professional football clubs expanding into esports is the only way to save FIFA scene?

There’s no doubt that thanks to football clubs FIFA will grow rapidly. They’re really huge and highly developed brands and football is one of the most popular sports discipline. This will make FIFA scene way bigger.

In the past you’ve been representing many esports organisations. Can you spot any differences between them and Legia?

The first and most important difference is the way they’ve treated me when I came to Warsaw for the first time. Legia have treated me like a professional football player and that has surprised me the most.

Your official presentation consisted of medical examination. Did it have any influence on your contract?

Medical examination was conducted to make sure if everything is fine with my health and to check the level of my physical efficiency.They’ve told me how to exercise to avoid common injuries.

What was the reaction of your family after you’ve signed for Legia?

My family have always supported me and now – after I’ve been signed by Legia – they’re even more happy.

Do you spend more time for practice after you’ve signed for Legia?

I want to practice more often and fully focus on it.

Do you have your own place here in Warsaw for your practice?

If I will need to practice here, there will be such place. I can count on the owners of Legia.

What are your plans for the next months?

It will remain the same as it was before I’ve joined Legia. I want to play all the time and take part in many local and European tournaments.

Interview by Paweł Książek.

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