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photo by ESL
photo by ESL

Jaedong announces retirement

Grzegorz Łatka | 2 listopada 2016, 11:08

One of the most successful esports player in the history, Lee „Jaedong” Jae Dong has finally announced retirement. Even though he was inactive for the past year, it was just yesterday when Evil Geniuses revealed he is no longer part of the team.

Jaedong has been part of Evil Geniuses for about four years. At the beginning of his StarCraft II career, he wasn’t very successful, but woke up in 2013 and have placed 2nd in a few different, international tournaments. Jaedong’s slump in 2015 quickly made him moving to inactive position. After few tournaments he vanished from the StarCraft scene.

It’s not yet known if Jaedong will stay in the esports industry. His last appearance under EG banner during BlizzCon, where Jaedong will most likely take part in a showmatch.

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