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Behind the scenes of Wargaming League Gold Series streams

Grzegorz Łatka | 12 września 2016, 15:49

Hundreds of wires, audio and video mixers, advanced software, observers, people in charge of replays and casters – it’s not only how professional sport broadcasts are being made. In ESL studios in Katowice, Poland it is a weekly standard as from Thursday until Sunday Wargaming League Gold Series streams are taking place. 20 people are in charge of this.

Not every esports fan can be aware of what production of a tournament they watch looks like behind the scenes. Two casters who commentate a match is the only thing they often see. However, in reality it looks a bit different. The process is much more complex.

Weekly streams in English and Russian

The ESL studios in Katowice is a place where stream of professional World of Tanks league from Europe and CIS is produced every week. Such a big project demands a lot of work from many people. Part of them takes care only about the league itself, others are responsible of social media channels and in charge of TV production.


A producer is in charge of whole production. He is head of many other people – Mateusz Kwella, TV Producer at ESL.TV Polska says. – There are broadcast engineer, observers, a technical person and casters working under him.

The staff also consists of admins, a person in charge of replays and graphics shown on the stream. But they do not work only when broadcast is on air. That is why a lot of people moved to Katowice to work on this project full-time. There are as many as six casters – three for each region: Jordy Versmesse, Ryan Murphy, Mihajlo Jugovic, Aziz Khabibullin, Dmytro Vasylkov and Anton Savin.

I was here 2 times already on tournaments (IEM Katowice 2013 and WGL EU finals in Tychy), so I actually have an idea of how this city is changing – Mihajlo “Still.Mojo” Jugovic, WGL caster said. – People in office and overall in city are really great.


Oliver Maxfield, Global Product Manager had to said the following about working together with people from different countries: „Love it, there is always something new that can be learnt and a limitless amount of interesting stories from people of other countries and cultures – one of the best parts of working environment”. When asked about what he’s in charge of he says: „Focus area is TV / the outfacing part of the product and league ops””.

Interviews and long rehearsals

The staff is also working on replays, different clips and graphics. A day before kicking off another week of WGL, casters are remotely interviewing players. Later on those interviews are shown on streams.


Additionally, prior to every single stream rehearsals are taking place. The shortest ones last just a few minutes while the longest are a few hours long. – We’re discussing what we can do better, trying to introduce new things – Mateusz Kwella reveals.

After it all is done, streams are starting in Katowice and World of Tanks fans from all over the world can watch best players competing.

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