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photo by TnC Pro Team
photo by TnC Pro Team

TnC to disband after successful TI6?

Grzegorz Łatka | 22 sierpnia 2016, 14:10

TnC Gaming’s performance at The International 6 stunned Dota 2 fans all around the world. The team not only reached top eight but also managed to eliminate OG. Now it’s said that TnC is not willing to stick together any longer.

Their great run in Seattle didn’t should have motivated the team to stay together but it’s likely they will split. On Valve’s official website where teams are supposed to announce their rosters every single player left TnC’s squad.

Obviously, Valves system encourage players to leave rosters on the website if they are not sure about their future. Anyway, it’s surprising that TnC after such a success at TI6 might be considering splitting.

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