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Still.Mojo: games are much faster now, and better to watch

Grzegorz Łatka | 17 sierpnia 2016, 20:43

Today we made an interview with Mihajlo „Still.Mojo” Jugovic, caster of Wargaming League Gold Series. We talked about what is going on in WGL at the moment, differences between regions and biggest surprises after two weeks of competition in the WoT’s pro league. Mojo spoke about what how Wargaming is changing World of Tanks to make this game better.

Two weeks of competition in Wargaming League Gold Series have already passed. What are your general thoughts about this season at the beginning?

We were quite uncertain how will season go with departing of players from 2 leading teams back to CIS (Wombats and Tornado.rox), but games were so far very interesting, skill of most teams increased in meantime, and Wargaming with patches also influenced current meta (playstyle), by 2 simple changes – changing WT-E100 t10 German Clipper TD, to grille 15, single shooter German TD tier 10, and lorraine t9 med to batchat AP t9 French med. Reason I mention this, games are much faster now, and better to watch, unlike previous seasons, attackers now win in almost 60% cases.

Two out of three teams from the European division are actually Polish. Did you expect them to do that well at the beginning of this season?

Polish are nation that is probably most represented in EU at the moment, so it is normal and expected to have a lot of Polish teams and players. Real numbers are actually 4 teams of 12, and we expect a lot from some of them like UTOPIA and Out Of Range, Utopia being 1st at moment we speak. We expected a bit different scoreboard by now, with those close to top, but as shocker OOR has rather rough times, while new commer Rage Quit is pleasent surprise being third over much more experienced teams, bringing some amazing and fun games to watch with their unorthodox approach.

If we have a look at the CIS standings it looks like not much has changed since previous season. HellRaisers, Not So Serious and Natus Vincere are still top three squads of the region. Is it like that thanks to keeping majority of their rosters or there is another „X” factor which help those teams staying in the top for so long?

When we talk about professional teams, we can say that mostly for those several CIS teams, they have main lineups that dont change often (sometimes close to never), so commitment that is expected from individuals is high. Time they can invest in game is crutial, combined with skill they posess. But not all is lost, there are new commers like Carpe Diem who can shake things up, where we can see several of CIS players that used to play on EU server like Kysok from Wombats.

What are the biggest surprises in Europe and CIS? Are there any new up and coming great players, great teams which are doing better than they were expected?

I think I allready mentioned Rage Quit on EU server, formerly known as Lucky Kuraki, not so lucky at that time, but now doing really well. From CIS not many surprises in standings, but Carpe Diem newly made team did beat Na`Vi so that was as big shocker for CIS, as well as KAZNA loosing to The Wild Bunch on EU, a new commer from silver series.

Are there any differences between playstyle of teams from different regions? Like for example teams from APAC are playing more aggressive than North American squads?

Differences are quite big, i would say NA teams play slowest, while APAC often even reckless. It is difference in mentality and approach to gaming, EU and CIS mostly play balanced and there is many teams that are able to influence game by their ideas.

Another week of competition is starting this Thursday. Will there be any „must-watch” games in CIS and EU?

From CIS I would recommend Na`Vi vs Brain Storm, currently situated 3rd and 4th, and it’s played on Friday. For EU I would highly recommend UTOPIA vs KAZNA match, rank 1 and 4 at the moment, also played on Friday. There is plenty other matches that will be really close, but those should be interesting in many aspects.

How do you like living in Katowice and working here in the offlice?

So far its amazing, I was here 2 times allready on tournaments (IEM Katowice 2013 and WGL EU finals in Tychy), so I actually have an idea of how this city is changing. People in office and overall in city are really great, and I’ve been in gaming for past 15 years as player/manager and running business closely connected to gaming, so this is like home to me, time spent working I see as time spent doing something I love.

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