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photo by Riot Games

Inori: it was a surprise even to us that we were actually able to take the series against TSM

Grzegorz Łatka | 27 lipca 2016, 13:00

During the eighth week of NA LCS 2016 Summer Split Phoenix1 surprised not only their fans, but all those who are following the North American League of Legends scene by defeating TSM and breaking their 17 game win streak. We talked to Rami „Inori” Charagh whose remarkable performance in this series had a great influence on winning it.

Last week you surprised everyone by beating TSM. How did this win influenced your frame of mind?

I think going into that series we didn’t expect to 2-1. We thought maybe we could take 1 game, but it was a surprise even to us that we were actually able to take the series against them. I think it gave me a lot of confidence in myself, and I hope I can stay humble as a player and not let this win go to my head.

During game 2 Inori used Rengar. It was really easy to spot that this champion perfectly fits your jungler. Whose idea was to pick Rengar? It was something you thought of especially before going up against TSM as an anti-strat?

Yeah after game 1, I just told everyone we need to switch our draft. We needed to get them out of comfort and that I was going to play rengar that game. The idea to pick rengar was there, but we haven’t played much of it in scrims so my team wasn’t sure of how it would go.

You had quite a rough start to the split but week by week you were getting better. How much changing Zentinel for Inori influenced your team? Was it an x factor in making a breakthrough?

I think zentinel still had a lot to learn, but I think over time he could make a good jungler! I think it was a big change because of how vocal I am in comms. I communicate a lot of things, and I track the jungler a lot for my laners. zentinel was still working on getting better in that area. I feel that I am a main factor in our team’s success. And it’s mostly due to me being very vocal in comms.

Although you won’t take part in this split’s play-offs, you still can secure a safe position. Do you think you can surprise everyone once again and beat Immortals next week? What might be deciding in this series?

I think it’s possible, but I’m just hoping for us to beat nv to secure our 8th position. I’m sad we can’t play playoffs, because I really wanted to play in Toronto

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