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Changes in Fnatic; Klaj in, Noxiak out

Grzegorz Łatka | 9 lutego 2016, 19:32

It has now been confirmed that Johan „Klaj” Olsson was brought in the Fnatic’s League of Legends squad. Swedish player will be replacing Lewis „Noxiak” Felis as a starting support.

Considering the fact that the botlane of Fnatic is now fully Swedish, Fnatic should have better communication among marksman and support. Luis „Deilor” Sevilla in the statement claimed that he bears in mind that his team at the beginning might have some problems, but he hopes this roster change will pay off.

In the fifth week of LCS EU 2016 Spring Split Fnatic will face Elements and Unicorns of Love. Currently Febiven & co. are sitting in the fourth place.

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